HIITform Package

$45.00 USD every week +
$200.00 USD setup fee

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The HIITform package includes;

  • Automated SMS to all new trialers with a welcome HIITform.
  • This HIITform gives an overview of the studio and what to expect on their first day, and captures the pre-exercise health screening questions.
  • These health questions are sent directly to Mindbody by API, and anything serious is sent to your studio manager by SMS
  • The day after their first class, the member is sent an SMS to see how they went, and collect their goals.
  • These goals are then used as tools to sell them a membership online, where they can take out an Autopay option.

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Would you like unlimited SMS for $9/week?

SMS is the best way to communicate with your members. 98% of text messages are opened, 90% within the first 10 seconds. Compare this to email where 20% open rate and 3-4% click through rate is typical.

Unfortunately, SMS costs can be very high. Due to message length, some messages take up 2 messages, then if we implement follow-up messages, and refer-a-friend messages, you can be sending up to 9 text messages per trialer. At 9.9c per SMS, this means that your SMS cost would be 89.1c per trialer.

Instead - you can pay just $9/week to get unlimited transactional SMS through our system.